Hardware Agnostic Proximity Devices

Gain insights into your business by collecting a full set of mobile device data from which you can determine space optimization, foot traffic and engagement levels.

How It Works

Connection through Collection

Location analytics enable retailers to capture the full set of smartphone consumer behaviour on how locations are attracting, engaging and retaining customers.

Data Collection

Passive + Active Data

Apbeacon uses a dual data collection approach that uses passive, anonymous collection and active, in-depth collection. This mesh data approach enables businesses to gain meaningful insights.

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Active Data

Passive data captures natural behaviour and intent of consumers by using anonymous data collection through Bluetooth signals.

Passive Data

Active data refers to consumers who actually engage via an app or in-store wifi login. They can be targeted and provided a much more curated experience when in real world spaces.


Hardware Rich

Apbeacon devices are fitted with a rich feature set that make them capable of adhering to the needs of your business.

Antenna Support
Advanced Security
Local Storage
Ethernet Enabled

Reach Extension

Meaningful Engagement

Develop insights including perfecting your leasing strategy and tenant mix, analyze foot traffic by zone to provide key insights to improve consumer engagement, measure event effectiveness, optimize rent and increase operational efficiency.

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